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NAC's Mission


To glorify God in attitude and action through an outward focus.  We encourage discipleship and building relationships with each other and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ by fostering family oriented fellowship.


NAC's Vision


Our vision is to become a Biblically rooted and culturally sensitive church moved by a Great Commission Vision which equips and enables men and women to communicate Christ through significant relationships with God, with one another as believers and with non-believers.

Our vision is to see God mature us into a local community of believers committed to serving those within the community of believers and seeking those outside the community of believers, both locally and globally, with character, compassion, courage and creativity.

Our vision is to be a healthy church that provides a seeker friendly atmosphere that is a safe place to enjoy diversified fellowship so that we can embrace the opportunity of outreach by meeting the needs of those who are seeking and building relationships with those that are in need.


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